Guidance and Support for Government Contractors


Arrowhead understands that your business has reached out to us in search of our expert solutions. If a contract-specific issue arises that does not fall into our current areas of expertise, we defer and recommend enlisting the assistance of the following consultants and companies :

Timekeeping Software Solutions:

Hour Timesheet provides cloud-based DCAA compliant timekeeping software with 1-click QuickBooks integration. Features include attendance tracking, daily email reminders, reporting, overtime tracking and a correction timesheet process. Our focus is on simplicity.
Simple Setup
Simple Integration
Simple Employee Interface
The Hour Timesheet basic package includes a 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

Background Checks and Security Clearance:

Denver Consulting & Information Design - DCID is a small business that perceived the need for support in JPAS/JCAV/EQIP, SFWT Fingerprinting, annual training, and self-inspection support to cleared businesses. Many businesses are not large enough to merit a security person per se and yet have the same security requirements as larger companies. By providing the interface between a small business and the government's JPAS database and Defense Security Service’s (DSS) requirements (NISPOM), we allow you and your employees to concentrate on the core business and leave the ancillary, but critical security work to us.

Federal Wage Compliance:

Ms. Patricia Slate - With over 35 years of experience as a compliance specialist with the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage & Hour Division, and the National Labor Relations Board, Ms. Slate offer a wide range of consulting services by specializing in federal wage issues governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act, Davis Bacon and Related Acts, Immigration and Nationality Act, Service Contract Act, Family and Medical Leave Act and more. I am available to answer your questions, help you conduct an internal audit or assist you in a federal investigation.

Human Resources:

Cura HR - HR consultants with diverse experience in compensation, benefits, HR information systems, project management, leadership development, employee handbooks, small business HR and corporate communications. Small business specialist.

Contact: - (303) 868-6103

Promotional Strategy & Execution:

Capitol Steps Consulting - A company placing value on proximity to the marketplace is a lot like real estate: location, location and location. With offices placed in two large federal hubs - Denver, Colorado and Washington DC- Capitol Steps Consulting will design and execute a strategy for delivering a company’s product or service to the largest buyer on the globe: the U.S. Government. Simply stated: We turn notion into motion. Project management is our focus and we cultivate strategies that can be measured, which is the key to long-term success and profitability.