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Training for Government Contractors

Arrowhead Solutions offers training in several areas of government contracting. From the basics of working with the government and sub contracting, to SBIR/STTR funding programs and compliant accounting practices, this budget and time friendly option is a superb tool for readying your team to manage government contracts properly.

Don't wait to discover the pitfalls first-time government contractors encounter. Educate your employees now and give your business the best chance at success.

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Guide to the Small Business Innovative Research Program (SBIR)
This 45 minute webinar will provide both novice and more experienced R&D companies with helpful insights, information, tips and tricks to be successful in the SBIR Program. The SBIR Program can be one of the best ways to obtain non-dilutive investment into your innovative technology company. However, it doesn't come without potential pitfalls or without competition. This webinar will provide an overview on the SBIR Program as it stands today, what to expect if you're an SBIR participant, best practices for succeeding with SBIR contracts, and instructions on how best to successfully propose, then manage your contract. This valuable webinar is a great refresher as well as provides new information to seasoned SBIR companies. Recommended for owners, contract managers, engineers and business development for innovative R&D companies with under 500 employees. Arrowhead is considered the state of Colorado's subject matter expert on the SBIR Program and has guided tens of millions of dollars of SBIR awards to our clients. Let us share what we know with your company. 
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Price: $49/person

The Basics of Government Contracting

What does it mean when someone says their company is a Government Contractor?  As a commercial company, what do you need to know about having the Government as your customer?  If you have already won government contracts, what critical information do you need to know to be successful?  The big prime contractors of the world have hundreds of specially trained government contract professionals helping them navigate through the maze of regulation, process, and compliance. For the past 7 years, Arrowhead has been training government contractors of all sizes (from 2 person companies to $4B companies) on how government contracting works, what is most important to know, and how to stay profitable while working for the world's largest customer.  We can also help you understand if the Government customer is the right customer for your. This one hour webinar is perfect for companies who need to learn more about government contracting as well as providing critical information for new employees who are learning to help your company be a successful government contractor.

TBD - Upon Request

Price: $69/person

The Basics of Government Subcontracting

Did you know that if you purchase or subcontract anything under your government contract that you are subject to almost all the same rules as the federal government follows?  By using your contract money to procure goods or services to support that contract, you are using taxpayer money that is subject to many rules and possibly audit. This one hour webinar will provide you with the key pieces of information on how to properly spend your contract money and also reduce your corporate risk.  An audit is something many government contractors will face, if you are caught not spending the money correctly, you could be subject to repaying the government or fines.  This webinar will provide you with information only the big prime contractors seems to know and clarify for you, regardless of your business size, what you need to pay attention to before issuing that next purchase order or subcontract.

TBD - Upon Request

Price: $69/per person