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Are you thriving?

If the answer is no - I can help.

"Drive thy business or it will drive thee.” - Benjamin Franklin

Most managers/executives of businesses understand the position of feeling like their business or work are driving their life instead of them being in the driver's seat.  In order to be successful at what you do, you must first clarify your goal. Often, clients tell me they don't know what they accomplished that day, or they are feeling burned out, or don't know where the road is leading. These comments are related to them personally or for their business. Can you relate?

Your business is a living and breathing entity. If you aren't a healthy leader of that entity, the entity itself will not be healthy. If you don't understand where you are heading personally, your business will not know where it is heading. 

Let me help guide you.


What coaching can do

Every team needs a coach. This isn't "woo-woo" stuff. Here is what coaching can do for you:

* Increased awareness and knowledge

* Acquisition of new knowledge and skills

* Sustainable behavior change

* Increased personal and professional satisfaction

* Increased self-efficacy

* Developed sense of purpose and meaning

* Becoming one's best

How I Coach

Since it is tough to coach yourself, I guide you from an objective place. Someone to help you establish goals and hold you accountable.

1) First, you provide a background. Let's define the problem.

2) Then we create a vision and a 3-month plan.

3) We hold bi-weekly 30-45 minute coaching sessions by phone or video conferencing

4) I check in on you via email check-ins on non-meeting weeks.

Each session we review progress, brainstorm strategies, discuss challenges, develop solutions, generate possibilities and modify goals

Our goal, is that after 3 months, you or your business  are thriving more than you were before. I am still here to coach as long as needed, or as often as needed after the initial 3 months. But research has shown that just 3 months of coaching can bring about permanent change.


Not only is Stephanie Amend a contract management subject matter expert and a business strategist, she is also a Lifestyle Coach. With decades of leadership and coaching experience, particularly in the area of business and well-being, she marries her deep understanding of business demands and wellness to ensure your professional and personal life can successfully co-exist. Stephanie also manages The Nature Element, a program for personal development for everyone using nature as its catalyst. If you are interested in more personal coaching or a nature-based approach to coaching, please contact Stephanie at 

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