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By: s.m.amend | August 28, 2015

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The Department of Defense (DOD) earlier today issued an interim rule, effective immediately, that significantly increases existing cybersecurity requirements for DOD contractors. The requirements in the interim rule, available here, have broad applicability to DOD contractors at both the prime and subcontract levels, including commercial item and small business contractors. Contractors can expect these requirements to begin showing up in new DOD contracts immediately and should begin taking steps to ensure compliance.

The interim rule contains a number of new and revised DOD cybersecurity requirements. The key issues are summarized below.

Scope of the DOD requirements

The interim rule significantly expands the scope of the prior unclassified c...

By: s.m.amend | August 07, 2015

This report must be submitted by all government contractors!

Major Change: The VETS100 report has been replaced by the VETS-4212 report.

Which contractors are covered by the VETS-4212 reporting requirements?

All nonexempt Federal contractors and subcontractors with a contract or subcontract in the amount of $100,000 or more with any department or agency of the United States for the procurement of personal property or non-personal services.

When do contractors need to file the VETS-4212 report(s)?

Each year starting August 1st and going through September 30th all contractors and subcontractor that have contracts that meet the requirement for submitting reports must file a report each year during the official "Filing Cycle". Addition...

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FAR compliance is important regardless of DCAA being involved, as it is still required by your contract, and good accounting is inherent to good business practices.

Ensuring compliance related to DCAA requirements will allow your business to continue a successful relationship with the government, while avoiding: repayments, penalties, delay or loss of contract and wasted resources on administrative duties.

Arrowhead can help on an as-needed basis for:

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Michelle Gunderson 

After years of experience as a Senior Tax Officer for various companies, Michelle has joined our team as Government Accounting Specialist.

Michelle’s Capabilities Include:

  • Preparing monthly closings for government contracting firms
  • Monthly bookkeeping (e.g. QuickBooks)
  • Tax Returns
  • DCAA Audits
  • Annual incurred cost proposals
  • Prepare timely compliance testing
  • General Consulting (i.e. Government Accounting)
  • Rate Development

(To view a full list of Arrowhead’s government accounting offerings, visit our website.)

Remember, the requirements for proper government accounting span across businesses of all sizes and industries, and should be customized on a case by case basis.

Arrowhead Solutions can proactively safeguard your business ...

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Blog Carrie Grigg | Government Contracts Specialist

The General Services Administration (GSA) set October 1, 2015 as the official date to consolidate their professional services schedules into one contract, known as the PSS (Professional Services Schedule).  

A few  points to know about the PSS migration:

  • If your firm holds one professional services schedule, you will do nothing until October 1.   Single schedule holders would not have received the migration letter that multiple affected schedule holders received. In August, single schedule holders will see a mass modification which they are required to accept. The mod states that effective October 1, 2015, your company will be known as a PSS firm.  
  • Firms with two or more affected sched...