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By: s.m.amend | July 09, 2015

FAR compliance is important regardless of DCAA being involved, as it is still required by your contract, and good accounting is inherent to good business practices.

Ensuring compliance related to DCAA requirements will allow your business to continue a successful relationship with the government, while avoiding: repayments, penalties, delay or loss of contract and wasted resources on administrative duties.

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By: s.m.amend | March 26, 2015

Important Update

52.237-10 -- Identification of Uncompensated Overtime.

As prescribed in  37.115-3 , insert the following provision:

Identification of Uncompensated Overtime (Mar 2015)

(a)  Definitions . As used in this provision --

“Adjusted hourly rate (including uncompensated overtime)” is the rate that results from multiplying the hourly rate for a 40-hour work week by 40, and then dividing by the proposed hours per week which includes uncompensated overtime hours over and above the standard 40-hour work week. For example, 45 hours proposed on a 40-hour work week basis at $20 per hour would be converted to an uncompensated overtime rate of $17.78 per hour ($20.00 x 40 divided by 45 = $17.78).

“Uncompensated overtime” means th...

By: s.m.amend | January 20, 2015

The necessity of compliance isn’t going anywhere:

That may seem like an obvious statement, but despite declining budgets, many federal agencies will increase audits and fraud investigations in 2015. The Department of Health and Human Services Fiscal Year 2015 Budget in Brief states, “The Budget includes $400 million in discretionary and mandatory funding for the Office of Inspector General (OIG), an increase of $105 million above FY 2014. This increase will enable OIG to expand CMS program integrity efforts for the Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team…and will enhance investigative efforts focused on civil fraud, oversight of grants, and the operation of Affordable Care Act programs.”

Fraud enforcement can m...