Guidance and Support for Government Contractors

By: s.m.amend | December 29, 2017

Further guidance regarding cyber security compliance has been provided by Ellen Lord, the Defense Undersecretary for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics. The January 1, 2018 deadline for being 100% compliant has been relaxed to now “the only requirement for this year is to lay out what your plan is” said Ms. Lord in a briefing given on December 7, 2017. She goes on to say “that can be a very simple plan.” So, perhaps cyber security is not as scary as it initially seemed!


Don’t get too comfy thinking you can put off cyber security a little longer. This clarification still requires contractors to have a System Security Plan by December 31st.  Your System Security Plan describes the current state of your information system and out...

By: s.m.amend | September 12, 2017

The Department of Labor issued a memorandum that increased the Health and Welfare Fringe Benefit (H&W) back in July. For any contracts issued after August 1, 2017 that are subject to the Service Contract Act (SCA), you need to be aware of the increased rates.  The two notable increases are:

SCA H&W Rate: $4.41 per hour

SCA H&W Rate for employees performing under contracts covered by E.O. 13706 ("Establishing Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors") : $4.13 per hour

By: s.m.amend | August 07, 2015

This report must be submitted by all government contractors!

Major Change: The VETS100 report has been replaced by the VETS-4212 report.

Which contractors are covered by the VETS-4212 reporting requirements?

All nonexempt Federal contractors and subcontractors with a contract or subcontract in the amount of $100,000 or more with any department or agency of the United States for the procurement of personal property or non-personal services.

When do contractors need to file the VETS-4212 report(s)?

Each year starting August 1st and going through September 30th all contractors and subcontractor that have contracts that meet the requirement for submitting reports must file a report each year during the official "Filing Cycle". Addition...

By: s.m.amend | March 26, 2015

Important Update

52.237-10 -- Identification of Uncompensated Overtime.

As prescribed in  37.115-3 , insert the following provision:

Identification of Uncompensated Overtime (Mar 2015)

(a)  Definitions . As used in this provision --

“Adjusted hourly rate (including uncompensated overtime)” is the rate that results from multiplying the hourly rate for a 40-hour work week by 40, and then dividing by the proposed hours per week which includes uncompensated overtime hours over and above the standard 40-hour work week. For example, 45 hours proposed on a 40-hour work week basis at $20 per hour would be converted to an uncompensated overtime rate of $17.78 per hour ($20.00 x 40 divided by 45 = $17.78).

“Uncompensated overtime” means th...