Guidance and Support for Government Contractors

By: s.m.amend | November 06, 2014

Arrowhead Solutions, LLC recently announced the addition of Kim Thorpe, our Business Development Specialist for government contractors. The acquisition of such a talented professional has allowed Arrowhead to roll out a new full-service consulting offering: Outsourced Business Development & Marketing for Government Contractors.

A recent post regarding this service was focused on why this offering makes sense for small businesses that either don’t employ in-house business development teams, or simply need the addition of tactical guidance to bolster their existing business development efforts. This post will focus more on how Arrowhead will go about assisting your company in capturing government contracts.

Basic Level Services:


By: s.m.amend | October 22, 2014

Arrowhead Solutions, LLC is excited to announce the addition of Business Development and Marketing for government contractors.

New team member, Kim Thorpe, is our business development specialist and brings a wealth of successful experience in government contracting to our already prosperous team. Thorpe’s understanding of the government marketplace, effective tactics and hands-on “soup to nuts” production, makes her a top level professional in the industry. Arrowhead is thrilled to have secured such an asset. An asset that your company has the opportunity to secure as well.

Most small businesses rarely need an in-house sales/marketing associate to acquire government contracts and subcontracts with primes, as this task is often not a year...